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Order pumping here.

Don’t wait until it’s an emergency. Please arrange to have your septic tanks pumped every 3-5 years to prevent problems with your system. Our pumping technicians are well-trained and very efficient! They’ll even let you know if they see potential issues with your system while they are on-site.

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Order a Time of Transfer Inspection here.

Iowa law requires that every home and building serviced by a septic system have that system inspected prior to a sale or transfer. The purpose of the law is to eliminate deficient or polluting septic systems. On the deficient systems must be repaired or upgraded at the time of sale or transfer. You’ll find our certified inspectors among the very best. They are quick and professional!

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Order Annual Maintenance Contract here.

There are several types of septic systems that are required by the State of Iowa to have a valid maintenance agreement on file with the county. We are the metro’s leader in septic maintenance agreements. Simply click here to order your septic maintenance agreement. If you are able to pay now via our website, the agreement is emailed directly to the county for instant compliance. Our agreements are valid for a calendar year; Jan 1 – Dec 31. You may order up to 3 years online! If we installed your septic system; your first year’s maintenance agreement was included!

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Order A New Septic System Quote here.

There’s no charge for our price quote! Rogers Septic has significant experience installing every type of septic system used in Iowa. We begin the process by providing a complete, itemized quote. This quote is based on the Soil Report provided either by the county sanitarian or by a soil engineer. Once the quote is accepted, our Project Mangers ensure the system is installed with only the very highest standards. We also have any easy-to-use financing partner!

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Order A Repair Visit here.

Concrete septic tanks and concrete components are broken down by natural sewer vapors and corrosive moisture. These conditions cause the concrete to deteriorate over time. Septic piping can get damaged and require repair. Many septic systems have complicated electrical pumps, control panels and alarms. Like any mechanical or electrical fixture, they require repair at some point in time. Rogers Septic employs only the highest skilled repair technicians. These technicians hold the licenses and certifications required to properly repair your system at a fair price. Most repair calls are solved in the first trip!

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Order a Quote to Connect to Sanitary Sewer here.

Connecting to the sanitary sewer can be difficult, but the staff at Rogers Septic will make it as easy as possible for you! We have the ability to either dig the new sewer line or bore the sewer line. Please check with your City to determine if connection fees must be paid first.

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